If getting boring recipes off the internet is not your preferred way, you might want to consider The Metronome. The “song blog” on YouTube brings together music and food by converting recipes into lyrics and setting them to a tune.

The most recent of these popular videos by Sawan Dutta offers a recipe for what sherefers to as the authentic Kolkata mutton biriyani (although we’ll take that with a pinch of salt, thank you). Dutta, aka Bengali Auntie, who wrote, composed and performed the song, takes us through the entire recipe – right from the ingredients to the presentation.

Dutta’s YouTube channel, which makes fun of Bengalis without malice, shot up in popularity after her song-recipes for machher jhol (fish curry) and kosha mangsho (a mutton dish) went viral on social media. “It’s an exaggerated, musical take on some universal Bengali traits; it’s a celebration of them.” Dutta told The Indian Express in an interview 2016.