Newly-elected Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is already making waves in the United States with her financial, social and environmental policy proposals, has made it clear that she does not the way big money is brought into politics.

The youngest Congresswoman ever elected, the Democrat used her new seat on the House Oversight and Reform Committee to brutally attack campaign finance laws in the US. “Let’s play a game,” she told a panel of government watchdogs and went on to dissect the ethics of members of Congress financing their campaigns with the help of political action committees that represent corporate and industries like pharmaceuticals and fossil fuels.

According to RollCall, the speech was made at the hearing on HR 1, a bill that aimed to address issues like campaign finance, ethics and lobbying. The issue is fairly complicated. But Ocasio-Cortez broke it down succinctly so that everyone could understand the magnitude of the problem.