Footwear and sports apparel manufacturing company Nike released its new advertisement during the 91st Academy Awards. The struggles and hardships faced by sportswomen in realising their dreams is the focal point.

The advertisement shows how the patriarchal world has always had demeaning adjectives to qualify everything that sportswomen do or dream of doing. The advertisement features some of the best women athletes of the world, including gymnast Simone Biles, snowboarder Chloe Kim, fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, some members of the US football team, and winner of 23 tennis Grand Slams, Serena Williams – who also narrates the advertisement.

The message urging women to hold on to their dreams even if people call them crazy. The “Dream Crazier” advertisement is a follow-up to the Nike’s September 2018 “Dream Crazy” advertisement featuring American footballer Colin Kaepernick, who had protested against racial inequality in the US by kneeling on one knee during while US national anthem was being played.

There has been widespread approval of the new advertisement from people on social media.