Rahul Dravid is one of the most successful cricketers that India has seen. However, many feel he has not always received the credit that he should have. In an effort to rectify this, the music group The Revisit Project has released a music video enlisting Dravid’s many achievements.

Titled Sir Dravid (video above), the song talks about, among others, Dravid’s brilliant knock at the Adelaide Test against Australia in 2003, when his 233 runs in the first innings – and 72 not out in the second – established the foundation for India’s famous win.

Another classic example of Dravid’s achievements that finds a mention in the song is the 2001 Kolkata Test between India and Australia, where Dravid put up a 374-run partnership with VVS Lakshman, guiding India to a win that halted the Steve Waugh-led Australia’s 16-match winning streak in Test cricket.

The instrumentalists in the music video are all seen wearing helmets in the spirit of the theme of the song. Rahul Dravid is addressed by his nickname Jammy (because his father used to work in a company that manufactured jams) in this song.