Episode 74 of political Satirist Akash Banerjee’s web show, 10 Answers that our Martyrs Deserve, focusses on the urgent need to be asking the right questions in India. After the terror attack on Indian forces, Banerjee says, these questions need to be asked. “Par sawal puchna toh jayaz nahi hai (But asking questions is not considered legitimate),” Banerjee says repeatedly during the twelve-minute video.

A clipping of a video where Union minister Piyush Goyal tried to mock journalist Rahul Kanwal was also added to the show for context. Kanwal had asked the minister a question on the Balakot air strikes and received a lesson in nationalism instead of a relevant answer.

Among the questions listed by Banerjee is a crucial one about classified information being leaked. The movement of a huge CRPF convoy should be secret, he argues, but still the convoy came under attack on February 14 in Pulwama.

Banerjee expresses his concern about alienation from the local population, which, he says, is so deep that authentic intelligence from the ground is no longer available.