Neuroscientist and writer Teagan Wall’s new video, celebrating women scientists across the world, has gone viral for all the right reasons.

Wall said that her video was made as a response to Discovery’s new promotional video that was launched on April 2 and featured primarily men.

“I got unreasonably angry about a thing, so I made a thing,” Wall wrote in her tweet. Playing on Discovery’s hashtag #TheWorldIsOurs, Wall released her video with the #TheWorldIsOursToo hashtag.

Some of the women achievers featured in Wall’s video are planetary scientist Raquel Nuno, palaeontologist Ashley Hall, and physicist Dianna Cowern. Wall’s quick effort earned her accolades from across the world.

“There are so many incredible women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine),” Teagan Wall said in her follow-up tweet. Wall is a neuroscientist who also wrote season one of the television series Young Sheldon, and the first three seasons of Bill Nye Saves the World.