In a recent episode of “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah”, correspondent Desi Lydic visited New York’s Wall Street to analyse male responses to the #MeToo movement. Her findings did not leave her happy.

In this video, Lydic takes us through clips of movies based on New York’s financial hub where “sexist debauchery had no limits but according to recent articles, Wall Street is finally addressing its culture of sexual harassment response to #MeToo”. Her bubble of hope, however, is soon burst by Bloomberg hedge fund reporter Katia Pozecanski, whom Lydic interviewed as part of the investigation.

According to Pozecanski, although men are changing their actions in response to the #MeToo movement, the shift does not benefit women. Men on Wall Street are trying to stop interacting with the women they work with, Pozecanski said. This act reportedly is part of a backlash against the movement.

For the most part, Lydic found it hard to get men to speak to her about the issue, or found them mansplaining with no constructive argument. At one point, she also asked her “senior bro correspondent” to speak to the men of Wall Street instead of her because she may have been “making men uncomfortable”.

The video also offers insights and suggestions into the situation from Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and co-founder of Ellevest, which focuses on investment for women.