The police arrested four people and ordered the seizure of two private luxury buses after the crew beat up two passengers and forced them out of the Bengaluru-bound bus early Sunday morning.

According to The Hindu, the passengers were travelling from Haripad in Alappuzha district of Kerala to Bengaluru when the bus broke down on a national highway. One of the passengers, Jacob Philip, wrote about the incident on Facebook, saying that they did not receive any answers from the staff about the safety of women and children.

“Two young boys got aggressive wanting some answers, and questioned the driver for some honest answers,” Jacob said. They also phoned the office of the company running the bus and got into a heated argument. The News Minute reported that some passengers phoned the police, whereupon officers from the Haripad police station arrived at the scene and instructed the bus driver to arrange for another bus.

A second bus was sent almost two hours later. Jacob said he woke up in the bus at about four in the morning to find four employees beating up the two male passengers and throwing them out. He also posted a video of the incident.

Four employees were arrested, including a manager, after a case was registered, Manorama Online reported.