The Goa wing of the Election Commission has released short films highlighting the usage of the cVigil mobile application. cVigil stands for “vigilant citizen”, and emphasises the responsibility of citizens beyond the process of voting.

The films make telling points about the use of inducements (read alcohol and saris, for example), but end up being inadvertently amusing because of the somewhat melodramatic depiction.

The cVigil app was launched by the Election Commission of India in July 2018. It can be used by citizens to report violations of the Model Code of Conduct. The app enables users to upload pictures or videos of incidents that might be in violation of the code, but these have to be shot live – previously-recorded footage cannot be used. The location of the user is automatically mapped by the app, sending an alert to a field unit.

Tapan Acharya, Goa’s youth icon for the Election Commission, features in one of the videos that he has directed too. The other actors include members of the Goa police and volunteers.