After Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar conducted a “non-political” interview of Prime Minister Narendra Modi which was telecast on the morning of April 24, television news anchor Ravish Kumar transformed his regular prime-time show into a “non-political” one for the day.

Ravish Kumar picked especially on the question of mangoes that was put to Modi by Akshay Kumar. “Does Prime Minister Narendra Modi eat mangoes? And if he does, does he cut it into pieces or eat it as a whole, with the seed?” was Akshay Kumar’s first question to Modi during his “non-political” interview.

“We thought of doing something different. If politicians are indulging in non-political interactions during the election season, why shouldn’t we? Let’s eat mangoes instead,” Ravish Kumar declared.

His show also included clips from a 2018 interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi by lyricist and writer Prasoon Joshi, who now heads the Central Board of Film Certification, driving home the point that people who have had the opportunity of interviewing the prime minister have asked him remarkably unimportant questions.