A students’ collective in the United States called March For Our Lives has released a video where a young girl gives advice on dealing with an active shooter situation to adults, moving them to tears.

The video depicts a team-building event at an office in National City, California, with an “expert on dealing with an active shooter situation”. The participants are visibly surprised to see a young girl named Kayleigh walks in.

“If there is an active shooter, you’d all be dead,” Kayleigh says right at the beginning of her interaction with the group. She gives them advice on how to figure out a shooter’s position by listening to gun shots, how to hide in bathrooms, and how to block doors to keep shooters out for the longest time possible.

Kayleigh practises lockdown drills at her school, along with other public school children in the United States where shooting in schools has become a common incident. Her account left her audience shaken, and some of them were in tears imagining the horror of a world where schoolchildren have to learn how to stay alive in case someone with a gun and a plan to kill enters.

March For Our Lives was formed in the aftermath of a 2018 shooting in a Florida school that left 17 people dead.