While the Netflix show Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj is on a break, the host is releasing new videos on YouTube under what he calls Patriot Act Lo-Fi. In its latest episode, host of the show Hasan Minhaj explores the gigantic mattress industry in the United States and how it seems to be rigged.

According to Hasan Minhaj, the US had over 15,000 mattress stores in 2017 (excluding the online stores), topping the 14,000 McDonald’s across the country.

The seven-minute video traces how online mattress review companies take bribes to give better ratings to certain mattresses, and also the rise of Casper, “internet’s favourite mattress”.

“There is a lot of sketchy money changing hands,” Minhaj says, about paid reviews prevalent in the industry. He is joined by graphic artist Timothy Goodman during the show to compensate for the lack of multiple screens of Patriot Act.