Milind Soman’s enthusiasm for fitness and exercise is no secret. But as it turns out, the actor and model’s 80-year-old mother, Usha Soman, can give him a run for money any day when it comes to being fit.

On Mother’s Day, Soman posted a video of his saree-clad mother performing push-ups effortlessly alongside him. “This message is for all the mothers out there. Take a little bit of time out for yourselves everyday even if it is five or 10 minutes, whatever you can manage. We want to see all of you super fit,” he said at the end of the video.

However, this is not the first time Usha proved how fit she was. Soman also posted a similar video on Mother’s Day in 2017 in which she was seen doing a plank for 80 seconds.

He said that his mother also went on treks at least once every month for the past 15 years.