Indian-origin comedian Hasan Minhaj is talking about the Indian Lok Sabha elections again. His earlier episode on the same topic, aired before the results were declared, had earned him the wrath of quite a few trolls on social media.

In the latest episode of Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, the host once again jokes about Prime Minister Narendra Modi for being an interview-hater but sitting down for one with a “feared journalist” – Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar – and Congress president Rahul Gandhi for losing his party and family bastion, the seat of Amethi.

Minhaj also explained why he refused to join a show with Times Now anchor Navika Kumar. Minhaj had addressed Kumar as “India’s own Nancy Grace” in the previous episode on Indian elections, following which, the comedian said, Kumar reportedly tweeted him to participate in a debate on her channel. As his reason for refusing, Minhaj created his own version of how the show might have gone.