James Holzhauer’s 32-day winning streak on American television game show Jeopardy! finally ended on June 3 when he lost to Chicago-based librarian Emma Boetcher in the final jeopardy round of the show.

Thirty-five-year-old Holzhauer, who is a professional sports gambler, fell short by around $60,000 from becoming the highest-earning player on the game show. That record is currently held by Ken Jennings and was set during his 74-episode stint in 2004.

By the time Final Jeopardy rolled around I knew my goose was cooked if Emma answered correctly. It’s a little like needing a team to miss a last-second field goal – nothing you can really do but watch. I made peace with my fate before the clue for Final was even revealed,” The Atlantic quoted Holzhauer as saying.

Apart from winning huge amounts of money during his appearances on the show, Holzhauer was also criticised for being too aggressive. Reports of hisdamaging the show’s finances and exceeding the prize budget had also surfaced.

You can watch the full episode here: