Conversation over TV shows has been connecting people for years now. After all, no one can resist discussing plot twists and shot angles well – not even toddlers, apparently, even when they haven’t quite learnt to speak an official language.

Tennessee mother Shanieke Pryor posted the video (above) of her husband – comedian and DJ Deztin Pryor – and their baby son having what seems like a very intense conversation about the grand finale of a TV show.

Sitting attentively by his father, Baby Pryor seems to be taking in all the developments on screen. His father turns to him and asks, “They need to work on that, right?”

And then begins a conversation in which the baby’s words aren’t exactly in English – or any known language – but make complete sense nevertheless, especially to his father.

Baby Pryor speaks with distinct voice-modulation and clear intent. As the director of photography, Shanieke Pryor said in her Facebook post, this baby deserves a show of his own!