Fugitive economic offender Vijay Mallya was met with chants of “chor, chor” at the Oval stadium on Monday, where he had gone to watch the India-versus-Australia World Cup cricket match with members of his family.

Surrounded by hollering Indians, the former Kingfisher Airlines chief refused to make a statement to the media apart from saying, “I am just making sure my mother does not get hurt.”

After the match, Mallya posted a photo of himself and his son on social media. Several Twitter users commented with “chor” memes on the thread, while one user posted a video of Indian fans chanting “Vijay Mallya chor hai,” inside the stadium as well.

The 63-year-old Mallya is wanted in India on charges of fraud and money-laundering and for defaulting on loans amounting to Rs 9,000 crores. He has been absconding from India since March, 2016.