With figures such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gaining public attention in America, discussions and awareness about socialism are on the rise. To explore the increasing popularity of this political philosophy, The Daily Show correspondent Jaboukie Young-White talked with Senator Bernie Sanders, whose plank for competing for the Democratic Party nomination for the Presidential polls is socialism.

According to Sanders, student loans and lack of affordable housing are the two major reasons why socialism is an appealing concept to millennials. He also differentiated between democratic socialism and authoritarian states like the Soviet Union and Venezuela that are often quoted as examples of why socialism does not work.

The show also featured conservative New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz. “Millenials have been raised in such prosperous times they think that they can make it even better with an insane plan to share resources,” she said. She also recalled how her great-grandfather was killed in a gulag in the Soviet Union because “he owned a business that the socialists decided was no longer legal”.

Markowicz wrote a column for the New York Post after the show was telecast, saying that her two-hour interaction with Young-White was shrunk to sixty seconds and her words were “taken out of context”.