It was a narrow escape for twelve visitors at a Chennai amusement park after a ride snapped free from its suspending cables and collapsed ten feet. Following a police inquiry, the park has been indefinitely shut.

In the accident, which was caught on camera, the popular Free Fall ride in Chennai’s Queensland Amusement park suffered a malfunction that led to one of its seating platforms plunging to the ground on its way downwards. Fortunately, the twelve riders on it managed to escape without injury.

“They were lucky that the fall was only from 10 feet,” Assistant Commissioner Muthuvel Pandi told The Newsminute. “If it had been from the top of the ride [150 feet], all 12 of them would have died.”

Police further added that following the accident, authorities from the amusement park not only failed to inform the police but also attempted to make an arrangement with the riders to contain the information.

The accident comes two months after police reportedly sent the park a notice enquiring about the safety conditions of all the rides.