Music group Folks-Wagon’s rendition of the national anthem uses 29 folk instruments from across India to create a truly enchanting version of the song. Music composer and arranger Madhur Padwal has brought together about 10 musicians for this version of Jana Gana Mana.

The video has been directed by Amit Gawade and Nilesh Gopnarayan.

In case you couldn’t identify them, here’s a list of the instruments used in the recording: Naga horn, khol, pena, buffalo-horn pepa, gogona, Bihu dhol, ektara, dotara, ka-duitara, the single-stringed gopichand, high-pitched tumbi, bhapang, nagada, two types of the kanjira drum, ghattam, khamukh, dilruba and the flute.

The rendition also features the single-string bowed Ravanhatta, a goat-skinned tambourine called the rivana that needs to be heated before it is played, the delicate water-instrument jaltarang and the popular bhajan accompaniment khartaal. Also woven in are the haronica, German glockenspiel, seed shakers, an ocean drum and the guitar.

It is a fitting tribute to Rabindranath Tagore, whose song celebrates India’s cultural diversity.

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