A video of water pouring into an AC first-class train compartment has gone viral on the internet. Water can be seen gushing out of a vent above the upper bunk in a compartment of the A-1 coach of the Bengaluru-Patna Sanghamitra Express.

Distressed passengers can be heard complaining about the unstoppable flow as they helplessly watch their luggage getting wet. “That is certainly water from the bathroom that has somehow entered the compartment,” a voice in the video speculates, complaining that no mechanic has arrived to solve the problem.

While this led several people on Twitter to share personal horror stories about the Indian Railways on the thread, one of them wrote, “This is not bathroom ka paani [water from the bathroom] as said by some pax, they might be unaware of it. It’s AC duct’s water which you can see being released at some stations. A frequent problem of leakage in rainy season...”