On July 8, the United States’ capital Washington DC saw its seventh-wettest July day since 1871 after 8.4 cm of rain lashed the city in just one hour, causing flash floods.

“This is a life-threatening situation. Seek higher ground now,” news agency AP quoted the National Weather Service as announcing as torrential rains battered Washington DC. Virginia’s Arlington county also received a heavy amount of rainfall, disrupting normal life.

The flash floods were also reported to have caused delays at the Reagan National Airport. Train tracks in Virginia faced “washout conditions”, affecting service, CNN reported.

Even the White House was not spared. Pictures of drenched floors of offices in the basement of the White House also made their way to Twitter.

The flash flood prompted many Twitter users to tell US President Donald Trump that climate change is real. Trump has, in the past, made statements on how he thinks that climate change and global warming are a hoax.