Minister of State for Finance Anurag Thakur and Mathura Member of Parliament Hema Malini participated in a Swachh Bharat Abhiyan programme on Parliament premises recently. Surrounded by security staff, the Bharatiya Janata Party MPs were seen taking swipes at bits of garbage in their path outside the Parliament building,

But while Thakur swept the rubbish away enthusiastically, Malini appeared to be having some difficulties in managing the broom.

Not surprisingly, reactions flowed when the video popped up on social media timelines. While some criticised the MPs for using the cleanliness campaign as a photo opportunity, others suggested they go to places that really need to be cleaned.

And many mocked Malini for her token attempts to use the broom.

Earlier in April, the MP from Mathura was criticised for trying her hand at harvesting wheat. While the internet responded in memes, the Opposition slammed Malini’s photos as publicity stunts.