A video of a dog lying on her back, refusing to walk a single step – despite a belly rub and all of her owner’s gentle cajoling – has gone viral on Twitter. Posted by Steph Haberman, who works with MSNBC in New York City, the video was watched over 3.6 million times.

Received with giggles and excited comments, netizens couldn’t help smiling at the doggy version of Monday blues.

“On Saturday, I took a video of a funny dog, and on Sunday, I decided to share it,” wrote Haberman. “That dog video now has over a million views, which means on these terrible days, I got to make a million people smile.”

Others shared images and videos of their dogs behaving in similar ways and suddenly Twitter was full of adorable dogs sprawled in strange places, dragged on leashes, refusing to move another paw.

Others proposed ways to get the dog to walk. “Consider buying your dogs booties so their feet don’t overheat while walking on pavement or on a hot surface,” suggested one user.