A video of All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen MLA Kausar Mohiuddin “punishing” a party worker has gone viral. In the video, the representative of the Karwan assembly constituency is seen in his office, hitting the party worker with a ruler on his knuckles, legs and back as others laugh in the background. The party worker meanwhile pleads, “Nako, Saheb (Don’t, sir).”

The party worker, whose name is Sarwar – last name withheld – has reportedly worked with the MLA for 10 years and was being beaten as “punishment for consuming alcohol”, according to his own statement. He held no grudge against the MLA, he added, and appeared to believe that the beating was justified.

“I have no complaints against Saheb,” he said in a recorded statement. “I took money from Saheb, so saheb said, ‘You’ve taken money from me to drink?’ He scolded me and told me drinking is a bad habit. I have worked for him for ten years. He has helped me with everything. He also helped arrange the marriages of my children. Even if he hits me, it is for my own welfare.”