A news report about a tree-fall accident in Huntington, West Virginia has gone viral thanks to a hilarious eyewitness account that social media users cannot stop laughing about.

The segment from the WSAZ-TV channel details the damage caused to a student’s car after a tree fell on it. The tree, a branch of which had already fallen on the windshield of another car, was in the process of being cut down. However, maintenance workers miscalculated and the entire tree fell on the car of a Marshall University student.

After a quick description of the incident, the report moves on to eyewitness Billy Tatum, who with his green cap and Southern twang has become a news favourite.

Starting off with a metaphor close to home, Tatum first says, “It sounded like a beer can getting flattened. It just was ‘crunch’.’

Next comes an admission: “I hate to say it, but it was kind of cool, you know? What guy doesn’t like destruction. That’s why we go to demolition derbies, but hey,” Tatum pauses, nobly pushing his emotions back to add, “The bottomline is that’s that poor girl’s new car, and she can’t get to school now.”

With over 8.3 million views, and about 80,000 retweets, social media has reacted to Tatum’s freestyle eyewitness account with everything from laughter to a musical remix!

While some people expressed a desire to watch Tatum again on the news, others said he should take over livestreaming the Democratic debates.

Naturally, catering to popular demand, the news channel even conducted a follow-up interview with Tatum.

The affected student, meanwhile, will receive a new car from the authorities, who have owned up to negligence, reported Deadspin.com.