A group of Uighur Muslims in China has found a new way to highlight the disappearance of their loved ones – the Douyin app. Douyin is essentially a flavour of TikTok that complies with Chinese censorship restrictions. These social media apps allow users to create short videos and share them publicly or with their followers.

Uighur Muslims are a minority group in China, mostly found in Xinjiang, an autonomous territory in northwest China. In a new trend that is taking over Douyin, Uighur Muslims are posting videos with images of their friends and families who have disappeared over the past few years.

According to media reports and human rights groups, thousands of Uighur Muslims have been imprisoned in Chinese government’s detention camps.

The people in the Douyin videos can be seen trying to hold back their tears. “Uploading the videos is heartbreaking,” said the person who posted the videos on Twitter.

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