Satirist Akash Banerjee, appearing in his saffron-clad “Bhakt Banerjee” avatar, interviewed NTDV news anchor and Ramon Magsaysay Award winner Ravish Kumar for a recent episode on his YouTube channel.

In his interview, Kumar throws light upon the kind of stories he covers, what drives his journalism, and the general state of media in the country today.

“I’m not anti-Modi, asking questions of the government is pro-journalism,” Kumar said, answering allegations of always being against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “Bharatiya Janata Party spokespersons boycott me, they don’t answer my questions, and then they call me anti-Modi.”

“With the kind of journalism you do, aren’t you scared of losing your job?” Banerjee asked Kumar, who replied: “Losing jobs is a part of life. It’s a journalist’s job to ask questions.”

He also clarified that he has no plans of entering politics.

The second part of the interview is expected to be released soon.