The wedding video of a Kerala Navy officer completing five tasks set to him by colleagues and course mates as a tradition of the forces has gone viral.

The two-part clip starts with an officer introducing the couple: “Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you Lieutenant Abhinav and Elena Vargis,” which is followed by a traditional sword-salute from the officers. To cross the corridor of swords with his bride, however, the lieutenant was set a series of tasks which included:

  1. Twenty high jumps.
  2. Hug the bride and dance with her.
  3. Ten push ups, each time yelling “I love you Elena”.
  4. Kiss the bride.
  5. Lift the bride and carry her across.

With no option left but to comply, the officer executed each task while his bride blushed and onlookers cheer on.

Delighted by the rituals, social media users cheered and congratulated the happy couple.