The video of a passport consultation gone very wrong, posted on Twitter by Bulandshahr resident Anmol Jain, has gone viral.

Jain was at the Regional Passport Office in Ghaziabad to apply for renewal of his passport. However, an altercation broke out with the Assistant Passport Officer over the validity of documents provided through the government’s DigiLocker service.

This ended with the officer beating up Jain, as the video shows.

According to Ghaziabad Regional Passport Officer Dharmendra Singh who spoke to Hindi news website News State, Jain allegedly told the officer that his original documents had been stolen, which is why he was presenting supporting documents on the DigiLocker. This could have been a possible reason for the officer’s refusal.

Nevertheless, the argument soon got heated and the officer threatened to hit Jain. A shocked Jain challenged him to go ahead and do so – which led to an all-out physical scuffle.

An angry Jain took to Twitter posting the video saying, “This is APO of Passport Seva Kendra PSK Ghaziabad behaves. He beat me and made me bleed because I was arguing digilocker’s validity. If this is New India, no one shpuld live in it. (sic)”