One can imagine how the conversation must have gone in the newsroom.

Reporter: Sir, we need to conduct a seance.
Editor: Why, what’s the matter?
Reporter: Well, the dead man has, thus far, been unavailable for comment.
Editor: Go right ahead. The Ouija boards are by the teleprompters.

Jokes apart, Los Angeles reporter Sara Welch’s on-camera slip of the tongue, where she said she had tried to contact a dead man for comment on his own death has gone viral. Welch, who is from KLTA channel, was reporting from Anaheim police station on a fatal car pursuit when she very seriously said, “We tried to reach out to the man who died in this pursuit, they were unavailable for comment.”

It is understood that the reporter was possibly trying to say that the channel had contacted the family of the dead man, but somehow left out the most crucial words.

The clip was shared online by journalist Yashar Ali. Of course, social media users had a lot to say.