On September 24, members of the Jharkhand police beat up female Anganwadi Sevika Sahayaka Sangh workers in Ranchi. A video of the incident, which took place on the 40th day of the Sangh’s protest, shows a policeman beating one woman with a baton, while another is seen attacking other workers. The footage does not indicate any presence of female officers.

As reported by The Quint, the demands of the protesters include “government worker” status for Anganwadi workers, social security benefits, the end of an upper age limit while granting promotions, and an increase in retirement age from 60 to 65. They demanded that sevikas be paid Rs 1,800 and sahayakas, Rs 9,000, with retirement compensation of Rs 5 lakh and Rs 3 lakh for sevikas and sahayakas, respectively.