A video of the Hong Kong riot police purportedly kicking a protestor in a yellow vest has gone viral. However, police authorities have called the video doctored and stated that the officers were only kicking “a yellow object”.

Filmed by a resident from a flat at Fung Yau Street North at a protest on September 21, the video shows at least 20 riot police surrounding a man in a yellow vest, and one officer kicking him.

A woman can be heard shouting in the clips, “Don’t hit him, stop hitting him, I am filming you!” before other officers begin flashing bright lights at the camera, obstructing the view, reported the South China Morning Post.

However, the acting senior superintendent of New Territories North, Vasco Williams, said at a press conference on Monday, “You mentioned a video which shows what appears to be an officer kicking a yellow object on the ground, we don’t know what that object is, but there are other videos which show no assault.”

Entering into its 16th consecutive weekend, Hong Kong protests have turned increasingly violent. With over 1000 people arrested, and many citizens alleging regular police brutality.

China has suspended thousands of Twitter accounts in attempts to neutralise support for the movement. Trolls and pro-government accounts have also taken to posting videos – whose credibility is often suspect – to depict protesters in poor light.

Here is one such recent video in circulation:.

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