Montreal, Canada. Together with the strikers in Vancouver, Halifax, Victoria, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Toronto - Canada's turnout is at an estimated 500,000.

As part of the Global Week for Future, driven by Greta Thunberg, the teen Swedish climate activist, people were “on strike” all over the world to demand effective measures from world leaders to combat climate change. After her powerful address at the UN Climate Summit, 20 September-27 September has been named the Global Week for Future, and Friday 27 #FridayForFuture.

While the campaign primarily featured students striking for climate action, people from all walks of life joined in, creating what looked like oceans of protesters everywhere. Here are some highlights of the strike from around the world:

Rome, Italy.
Mumbai, India.
Budapest, Hungary.
South Korea
Wellington, New Zealand.
Stockholm, Sweden.
Helsinki, Finland.
Republic of Ghana.
Melbourne, Australia.
New Delhi, India.
Berlin, Germany.
Dublin, Ireland.
Nairobi, Kenya.
New York City, United States of America.
Den Haag, Netherlands.
Malmö, Sweden.
Arusha, Tanzania.
Santiago, Chile.