Ekta Golpo by Tajdar Junaid.

Kolkata singer-songwriter Tajdar Junaid’s video for his song Ekta Golpo tells the allegorical story of a king and his eight horses. Released on October 12, the video follows a king who has seven warrior horses who are brave, but he is fond of the eighth horse, the laziest of them all.

When war breaks out in the kingdom, the seven horses fight the enemy but are quickly overpowered. The eighth horse suggests that the seven horses should be martyred for the king’s victory. When this happens, the king is pleased and the eighth horse is congratulated for its intelligence.

The video has been directed by the creative studio Pigeon & Co. Esha Agarwal is the chief animator. The song Ekta Golpo, sung by Satyaki Banerjee and Anusheh Anadil, was released in 2013 as part of Junaid’s album What Colour is Your Raindrop. The song was part of Bertolt Brecht’s German play Good Woman of Setzuan and was later translated and composed in Bengali by Ajit Pandey and Ajitesh Bandhyopadhyay.