In disturbing CCTV footage of an incident which took place on November 8 in Rani Vihar, Hyderabad, a man is seen hitting a young child on a cycle, after a car almost backs into him in the parking area. The boy is then seen moving towards the building while the man, identified as Kranthi Swarup, follows him.

According to reports, the boy suffered further injuries after he was followed, as the two went up the building lift. Later, Swarup reportedly took the boy home to his mother and reprimanded her. However, the child complained to his parents of rectal bleeding and other injuries, and a subsequent CT scan revealed he also had a serious head injury. On November 9, the parents approached police and filed a case.

Sub-inspector BSS Varaprasad told The Times of India, “During the investigation, we came to know that Swarup and the boy’s parents are good friends. But, why did Swarup behave in a violent manner is not known yet. He is absconding and we have sent teams to apprehend him.”