An unexpected friendship between two species has come to light in a heart-warming video from BBC. According to a report by Mother Nature Network, Ben the labrador (above) takes a few hours out each day to visit his aquatic buddy, Duggie the dolphin.

The bottle-nosed dolphin frequents a harbour at Tory Island, off the coast of Ireland, where Ben lives with his owners. Duggie began to visit the Dingle Bay harbour 20 years ago, a pleasant surprise to residents and tourists alike. Duggie’s appearance also coincided with the body of another dolphin being washed up on the island.

Pat Doohan, the owner of the labrador told Independent, “People think it was probably her partner and because they are believed to have only one mate in life, that is why she has stayed behind.” Residents of the island believe that, in some ways, Ben the dog is now Duggie’s companion.

In the video above, he is seen trotting purposefully down the steps at the harbour, and swimming off to frolic with Duggie the dolphin. A daily meeting that lasts about four hours ensures that Duggie never really feels alone, despite having lost her partner.

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