An inebriated man later identified as Sai was seen chasing policemen with a dummy sword in an incident that took place on November 17 in Visakhapatnam. In CCTV footage from the gate of a nearby children’s theatre, he is seen running after one policeman, and, upon successfully scaring him, going after another.

According to Police Inspector CI Rama Rao of Three Town, “Three Town police went to Vuda Children Theatre after we received a call from the theatre security guard. A clash broke out between the security guards and accused, Sai before the police arrived.”

According to reports, Sai is the owner of a horse-drawn cart which he rents out to customers in the area near Vuda Children Theatre. He was already under the influence of alcohol and in the middle of a fight when the police arrived.

When a security guard asked him to move his cart, Sai refused and an argument ensued. At this point, Sai pulled out a knife and attacked the security guard.

“After the police arrived, Sai chased the police with the dummy sword in an inebriated condition. Three police personnel took him in custody and filed a case against him,” added inspector Rao.