In a demonstration citing sexual misconduct allegations against a teacher, a group of students at the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) walked into a classroom to protest against Sahotra Sarkar, a professor of Indian origin (video above).

A student explains why the protest is taking place, addressing the professor: “You, who have solicited students for nudes, who has been dismissed by UT, in fact, in 2017... you have no business being here.”

According to reports, Sarkar was suspended in 2017 for a semester after students complained he invited them to swim with him at nude beaches, asked them to pose nude for photographs and held many school-related meetings at bars.

At the time, he denied some of the allegations and admitted to others, and university investigations found him guilty, resulting in his suspension.

Students of the university have been protesting against a history of re-hiring of professors accused of sexual misconduct at the university. The protest in the classroom came after sit-ins and public groups were proving ineffective.