On Saturday, December 7, a tempo driver was booked for raping a five-year-old child in the Darbhanga municipality of Bihar. Identified as Tettar Sahani, the accused reportedly saw the girl playing with her friend and then took her to a secluded area in his tempo.

The girl was missing for hours before her family finally found her, traumatised and bleeding profusely.

According to the Deputy Superintendent at Sadar police station, Anoj Kumar, Sahani abducted the girl from outside her house and took her to a garden elsewhere, leaving her there after he raped her.

The child is currently undergoing medical treatment at a hospital nearby, and an FIR has been registered against the accused.

However, when Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Sushil Modi was questioned about the incident, and violent crimes against women in general (video above), he evaded the question without offering a single word in response.