As current UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited the Swaminarayan Temple and vowed to support Narendra Modi comes a video encouraging Indian-origin British citizens to vote for Boris Johnson and make him Prime Minister again.

This advertisement is not the only one with this objective, as a recent video also showed a Hindu temple in Britain hosting a pro Boris Johnson speech, terming the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn “anti-Modi.”

The video appears to reflect India’s official view, which, of course, does not reflect reality.

Not that Hindi songs asking for votes in Britain are new. Here are advertisements from 2017, aimed at acquiring British-Indian votes for Theresa May, and similarly for David Cameron in 2015.

Both Cameron and May were presidential candidates from the Conservative party, as is Johnson, who once described himself as “India’s son-in-law.


While the source of the video above is unknown, it has generated a lot of amusement on social media. With many people mocking the video’s awkward Hindi lyrics and musicality, there are comparisons to Doordarshan in the 1980s.

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