After comedian Hasan Minhaj posted a video clip (above) with the caption “CAA + NRC + more this Sunday on Patriot Act,” Indian fans were expecting a topical episode of his show, “Patriot Act”.

However, the episode that premiered on Sunday, December 22 was titled “How America Is Causing Global Obesity,” and has Minhaj explain how the United States’ policies and companies contribute to spreading obesity and poor health globally.

The clip which was shared previously had Minhaj saying, “Prime Minister Modi has gone mask off on Muslims,” mentioning the abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir, and going on to argue how the Citizenship Act is discriminatory toward Muslims.

Much to his fans’ disappointment, the actual segment on the CAA ran only a little longer than Hasan’s teaser, about two minutes in all, at the end of the Netflix episode, when Minhaj was signing off for the holidays with updates on previous stories.

Here is the show made available on YouTube, carefully leaving out the reference to the CAA.


Social media users and fans of the show responded sharply, saying they were “click baited” by the clip he had shared.

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