Speaking at “Town Hall With Kejriwal”, a programme organised by Indian news channel NDTV, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal denounced the CAA and the NRC. “I don’t understand this law at all, actually,” he said.

Recounting a conversation with a man from Bihar he had recently met in Burari, Delhi, Kejriwal explained how this man said he did not have a government-issued birth certificate, as he was born at home. When asked him if he had his parents’ birth certificate, the man responded, “If mine isn’t there, how will I find my parents’?”

Kejriwal went on to emphasise that the CAA and NRC targets everyone.

“This is a misconception, that Indian Hindus will be safe from this law. Hindus who have come from Pakistan will receive documentation from the government. But an Indian Hindu who cannot produce the right documents will have to leave the country.”

“People don’t have jobs, shops are closing down, the economy is in a bad state, this is what we should all be worrying about,” Kejriwal added. “Forcefully trying to bring in some law and throwing the nation into disarray... where was the need for this?”

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