Protests erupting across the country have seen powerful speeches from important figures across the board. On January 8, at a protest in Bangalore opposing the CAA, NRC, NPR and recent violence at JNU and other campuses in the country, historian Ramachandra Guha addressed students present.

Guha impressed upon students the importance of non-violence, both in action and in deed, and in the rhetoric they choose to adopt in their dissent. “If we have to be true to the heritage of Gandhi and Ambedkar, we must also be opposed to the authoritarianism of the Left,” said Guha, adding that “Currently the right wing is much more serious, but it is vital for students to respect the importance of non violence.”

“Be careful about your language, don’t reproduce the language used by the adversaries. They may call you all kinds of names, but you stick to specifics. Don’t speak of Fascism, speak of the discriminatory legislation that the CAA represents,” urged Guha, also commending the diverse crowd present at the demonstration. A large banner hung behind him with the words “We are with you JNU. No CAA, NRC, NPR. Against student violence.”

In conclusion, the academic encouraged “It’ll be a long, arduous struggle. But please keep it peaceful, and please keep it non-violent.”

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