A fireball and sparks falling from the sky over Houston, Texas in the United States had the city in some panic on Friday, January 24. It turned out to be an explosion in an industrial facility in the northwest part of the city, injuring at least one person who was sent to hospital, and damaging several nearby homes. According to reports, one person was logged as missing. The blast took place at four AM.

In videos that have emerged, a home security camera shows the blast from a distance, while other footage sheds light on the aftermath.

Details about the cause of the blast were not immediately known, and there was confusion among residents. “It busted out every window in our house. It busted everybody’s garage door in around here ...and closer toward the explosion over here, it busted people’s roofs in and walls in,” one resident told CNN.

According to reports, a liquid nitrogen explosion at a manufacturing plant cause the ignition. Early reports suggested that the blast came from Watson Valve, a company which produces pressure valves, reported Mirror.