An armed man fired two shots in the air in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh protest site, which has seen a continuous sit-in against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

There were no reports of any injuries, and the gunman, who identified himself as Kapil Gujjar, was apprehended and taken away by police officers.

While being escorted away by the police, Gujjar shouted “Jai Shri Ram” and, when asked why he came to the venue and fired, he said “Kyunki humaare desh mein aisa nahi chahta, humaare desh ek Hindu rashtra vaadi kshetra hai (Because I don’t want this going on in our country. Our country is a Hindu nationalist state).”

Videos (below) from the site showed the man saying, “Hamare desh mein sirf Hinduon ki chalegi aur kisi ki nahi (In our country only Hindus will prevail, nobody else).”

This incident comes two days after a gunman shot a student near Jamia Millia Islamia, while protestors were marching to the Mahatma Gandhi memorial at Rajghat, New Delhi.

Gujjar reportedly shouted “Jai Shri Ram” even when he fired his gun, reported NDTV. A witness told the channel that the he fired twice or thrice while standing right next to the police. “We suddenly heard gunshots,” said the witness, who volunteers at Shaheen Bagh.

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