Before Valentines Day, February 14, protestors at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh, which has become something of an epicentre for countrywide CAA protests, invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit and talk to them.

The sit-in protest saw participants asking “Modi tum kab aaoge?” and turning the question into a song as well (above and below).

Also seen below, is an online “invitation” to Modi. Various leaders, along with the IT cell of the BJP have castigated the Shaheen Bagh protests, with some calling it an ISIS-style gathering.

The invitation says: “Come to Shaheen Bagh and celebrate the festival of love, together. We will unveil a ‘love song’ for PM Modi and a surprise gift too.” It appears to be launching into an online campaign of its own, with handles titled “Tum Kab Aaoge 2020” popping up across social media platforms.