Female students of the Mahila Arts and Commerce College in Amravati, Maharashtra were made to take a peculiar pledge on February 14, Valentine’s Day.

In a video (above) the students can be seen repeating after a male teacher, “I pledge that I totally trust my parents. So in view of the events that took place in front of me, I will not love or have a love marriage.”

According to Maharashtra Woman and Child Development Minister Yashomati Thakur, “The college must have made them take the pledge in the context of alerting them on cases like that in Wardha.”

A 25-year-old female lecturer was set on fire by a stalker in Wardha, and after battling for her life, died in a Nagpur hospital.

BJP leader Pankaja Munde responded to the video clip with “weird” and “ridiculous,” adding that instead of girls pledging against love, boys should be made to pledge not to throw acid on women or burn them alive over rejections.