Speaking to NDTV, the whistleblower of the Delhi “bois locker room” explained what led him to speak up about the online group that shared photos of girls without their consent and also talked about raping them. The whistleblower, once informed of the existence of the group and in possession of screenshots of the chat, made another group with the girls whose names and photos figured in the boys’ chat and shared the proof with them.

“One boy was randomly added to this online group, and he saw a photo of a girl that he knew. It was then that he took screenshots of the chat and shared it with the girl. The girl then forwarded the screenshots to me. That is how I got to know about the existence of such a group,” he said. “We initially thought of demanding apologies from the boy, but I thought that the issue was bigger than that. This should be turned into a movement and seen as an example that boys cannot get away with their wrongdoings,” the whistleblower added.