In an embarrassing slip of tongue, BJP leader Jyotiraditya Scindia asked the crowd at a rally to “press the button with the symbol of the hand and vote for Cong...” before correcting himself. Scindia was campaigning in Dabra for his party ahead of the bye-elections in Madhya Pradesh on November 3.

Scindia had resigned from the ruling Congress party in Madhya Pradesh in March 2020 and joined the BJP. The resignation of 22 of his fellow legislators led to the need for bye-elections, which will be held in 28 constituencies of the state, NDTV reported.

In another viral video, Scindia alleged that former Chief Minister Kamal Nath had called him a “dog”. “Yes, I am a dog, and my owner is the public,” Scindia said at a rally in Sadora, The Times of India reported. The Congress denied the allegation, saying that the word was never used by Kamal Nath.